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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions and answers about
The Bicycle Bus. If you cannot find an answer here then please contact us.

How often will the bicycle bus run?

Initially it will run once a month, but if it proves to be popular it will run more often. It is designed to show parents that it is possible to cycle to school with their kids so that they do it more often on their own.

Can I drop my child off with you to cycle to school?

Unfortunately not, the idea is to get kids and parents cycling to school together, also, although I am DBS checked, the bicycle bus does not have the insurance to accept unaccompanied children. We have a policy of 1 adult to 3 children, so if there is an adult on the bus who is willing to be the responsible adult for your child, it is possible to leave your child. But only if the adult is willing to accept responsibility. It is important that this is sorted out prior to the journey.

Does my child need to wear a helmet?

It is not a legal requirement to wear a helmet but as the organiser of the bicycle bus, a cycle coach and an experienced cyclist it is something I do insist on. Both children and adults. I see very often families cycling together, kids wearing helmets but the adults not. In my opinion this is not setting a good example, a helmet is the only protection between you and the road, it should be second nature. Local bike shop John Atkins Cycles will be able to help, they are offering a 10% discount.

How fast will the Bicycle Bus go?

The bicycle bus will travel at the slowest riders speed so that we stay together. I anticipate this will be at a jogging pace, roughly 5 mph. However depending on numbers and volunteers, more than one group may make the journey, in which case a groups could be formed due to ability.

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